Thursday, June 08, 2006

Capital time!

On July 11, 2006 Cursive Communications' relocation to the Canadian capital of Ottawa will be complete.

When I'm not working from a park bench in the Andrew Haydon Park, you'll probably be able to find me in the
By Ward Market sipping something warm from Moulin de Provence. Another find is i deal coffee (176 Dalhousie Street) - their website leaves much to be desired, but what a great coffee shop in a decidely funky neighborhood. If you want more proof, read a review in the Ottawa Xpress about this provider of perfect perc. i deal coffee in Toronto's Kensington Market has a loyal following too, little wonder.

Drove past the new house and neighborhood last night. The anticipation is dizzying while the visible ethnic diversity is comforting. It will be a welcome change from Kingston. Within a couple of kilometres of the new home of Cursive Communications are dozens of restaurants and specialty grocers ranging from Mongolian to Middle Eastern. I learnt this from Foodpages - a neat search engine for restaurants and food stores. Unfortunately the interface isn't very polished but it can be more targeted than searching with Google Maps.


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